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Work Is Worship Knowledge Is Power

The PARAS PUBLIC SCHOOL is a self-sustained day School for the upcoming scholars The school building is designed to the best utility of the students.Besides academic excellence and intellectual development the school endeavors to help each child discover one’s innate qualities and abilities. It seek to instill in the children proper habits, Positive attitude, values such as truthfulness, good manners, fair play team spirit, self- respect punctuality, freedom of mind and scientific temperament.

Vision & Mission

A clear visualization of our aims help us to identify, at all times, the path to be taken. Education then becomes an effective tool for achieving the noble aim of serving others, while in the process of excelling as a human being. With this mission and vision we aim to nurture children who grow up to be responsible and happy children, for only happy children make for a happy family, a happy society, a happy country that will make for a happy and peaceful world.

At Paras School, we lay stress on imparting quality education to achieve the physical, mental and spiritual potential which is latent in each child. It is of prime importance to instill in them the qualities, values and attitudes for their success, by becoming a good citizen as well as a good human being.

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